2018 Prop. 1—Replacement for Educational Programs and Operations Levy

This is a renewal educational levy. It will allow the NSD to continue high quality academic programs that are eligible activities and not state funded. The levy will fund programs, activities, etc. beyond what Washington state considers basic education*.

Collection YearsApproximate Levy Rate/$1,000
Assessed Value**
Levy Amount up to**

Examples of what could be funded:

  • Basic education costs not funded by the State.
  • More than 5 class periods per day at the high schools.
  • Elementary, middle school and high school sports, activities, and clubs beyond what is funded by ASB fees.
  • Elementary Band and Orchestra.
  • Activity Buses
  • Transportation for all eligible students.
  • Special Education Programs for all students who qualify.
  • Highly Capable Programs for all students who qualify.

*This is subject to change as Washington state is working on a definition of “basic education” and the regulations on how levy monies can be spent. The current legislation allows the NSD to collect $1.50 per $1,000 of assessed value (approximately $1,600 per student) while some of our neighboring school districts are allowed to collect $2,500 per student. The NSD has requested that legislation be changed during the 2018 legislative session to remove this inequity. It is foreseeable that this change will happen. To avoid the costs of another election the “Levy Amount” noted above will allow the NSD to collect $2,500 per student while the $1.50 “Levy Rate” will be less than this. The NSD will only collect the maximum allowed by law.