2018 Prop. 3—Renewal Technology Levy

On an ongoing basis the Technology Advisory Committee (TAC) analyzes and studies a variety of data, information and research regarding the NSD’s technology needs and how technology, specifically within instructional areas, can further the NSD’s mission to provide a world-class education for all NSD students. The TAC is comprised of parents, NSD staff and administration, students, and community members. Click here for the TAC meeting minutes and the materials they reviewed for the 2018 School Technology Levy.

Collection YearsApproximate Levy Rate/$1,000
Assessed Value
Levy Amount

This levy provides funding for:

  • Modernize and expand the NSD’s educational facilities through the acquisition and installation of technology systems, facilities and projects as an integral part of the NSD’s technology systems, facilities, or projects.
  • Sufficient computing devices so students have access to technology when and where they need it within the school day, as guided by the NSD’s strategic plan for equity in education.
  • Application and modernization of technology systems for operations and instruction, including upgrades and incidental services, and ongoing training related to the installation and integration of these products or services.
  • If available funds are sufficient, the NSD shall acquire, construct, equip and make other capital improvements to the facilities of the District to support the NSD’s technology facilities plan.