Kids Need Food, Even When School is Closed

During the COVID-19 pandemic the Northshore School District (NSD) is allowed to operate a Summer Food Service Program, like they typically do when school is closed for the Summer. All kids, 18 and under, are provided a free lunch and a breakfast item. But this is not a typical school closure, many kids are at home and unable to go to a school site for food. The NSD has gone above and beyond to make sure they are doing what’s best for kids; they are delivering food.

Each day, orders are placed on the NSD website; 2,466 meals1 were ordered on Friday, March 27. The orders are picked up at 14 NSD school sites, 17 apartment complexes and mobile home parks, Woodinville Park & Ride, and Pop Kenney Stadium. Those kids that can’t come to one of these sites can request home delivery. From March 16-27, NSD volunteers and staff, donned in personal protective equipment, served 25,466 free lunches1 to kids in the Northshore area.

Who is paying for this extra effort to make sure kids are getting the food they need? The Summer Food Service Program is funded by the U.S. Department of Agriculture but food delivery has never been part of the program. As of Friday, March 27, the Northshore School District is still looking into whether they can be reimbursed for these costs.

1. Information obtained from the Northshore School District Communications Department on 3/27/2020.
Note: The Summer Food Service Program (SFSP) is a federally-funded, state-administered program. SFSP reimburses program operators who serve free healthy meals and snacks to children and teens in low-income areas.