Thank You Voters—You helped Make Northshore Learns 2.0 Possible!

The following excerpts from the Northshore School District website show what is happening here in Northshore in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent closing of our schools.

The Technology Levy, which was approved by the voters in 2018, brought all Northshore schools to a 1:1 computing ratio for student access. Without this 1:1 computing ratio Northshore Learns 2.0 could not be done equitably.

Northshore Learns 2.0
To support families during closures due to COVID-19, Northshore’s educators are exploring innovative ways to approach teaching and continue supporting all students.

We invite families to use this unique time to enrich their student’s learning, while encouraging creativity and project-focused learning that harnesses student’s natural curiosity and creativity.

All educators took part in our training this week.  Educators across the district collaborated on the best way to teach their classes.  All classes will be taught online including PE and Music.  These might look different based on your student’s teacher, but they can be taught online. 

How many devices do we need if all of our children are expected to be online?
Every student should have a device to work on. If you still need a device, contact the Student Technology Support Line at 425.408.7669. 

For technology support with district devices and district student accounts, please call 425.408.7669.

Free Meals for Children
We are committed to providing access to the nutrition Northshore students need. While schools are closed, we are offering free meals for all children.

Free meals for children ages 18 and younger
Free breakfast will be delivered with each meal
Children do not need to be enrolled in the Northshore School District
Meals must be preordered each day between 6:00 p.m. and 9:00 a.m.
Meals can be picked up. Not able to get to a pickup site? Request home delivery.

Northshore School District has partnered with Champions and Northshore YMCA to support families experiencing childcare hardships during the time all district schools are closed due to the coronavirus health crisis.

First responders and health care personnel are provided free care during this emergency school closure time period.

Northshore School District custodial staff will disinfect the entire childcare site using EPA approved cleanser each day.

How will English Learner (EL) students receive support during online learning?
English Learner (EL) students will continue to receive support from their EL teachers and paraeducators in the form of a pull-out model and/or push-in model.

The parents of students with IEPs will be directly communicated with by their case manager about specific information in regards to their student.  Every effort will be made to deliver the service minutes indicated in each student’s IEP utilizing the platforms available. 

How will students who participate in the Learning Assistance Program (LAP) be supported?
Learning Assistant Program (LAP) students will continue to receive support from their LAP teachers and paraeducators in the form of a pull-out model and/or push-in model.