Measure 1
Educational Programs
& Operations (EP & O)

  • General Info: Approximately $1.40 per $1,000 of assessed valuation for four years, in place of an expiring levy; up to $62.5 (2023), $64.9 (2024), $67.5 (2025), and $70.2 (2026) million total.
  • Funding for Special Education: 30% of the levy dollars will go to providing special education services.
  • School Nurses: Levy dollars partially fund a full-time School Nurse at every NSD school.
  • Social Workers and School Psychologists: Levy dollars partially fund mental health professionals in NSD schools.
  • Emergency Preparedness: Historically each school PTA/PTSA has been responsible for funding a container, emergency supplies for their school to use in case of a disaster, and the labor to manage this. Levy dollars are now being used to fund this.
  • School Safety: Levy dollars partially fund a full-time Campus Supervisor at every NSD high school.

Measure 3
Technology Levy

  • General Info: $20 million per year for four years, in place of an expiring levy; approximately $0.45 (2023), $0.43 (2024), $0.42 (2025), $0.40 (2026), per $1,000 of assessed valuation.
  • 1:1 device to student ratio: In December 2019 the NSD purchased 6,500 new Chromebooks, using Technology Levy dollars, which brought all NSD schools to a 1:1 device to student ratio.
  • School to Home (S2H): School to Home (S2H) is a program where every K-1 student will be assigned a device which remains in their classroom and every grade 2-12 student will be assigned a device which may go home each night.
  • Support: A large portion of these levy dollars will fund professional development and the Tech Support Team for students, teachers, and staff. The Family Tech Support services started in 2020 will also be continued.
  • Adaptive technology: As dictated by a student’s curriculum and needs, adaptive technology will be funded by the Technology Levy to provide differentiation and Universal Design for Learning (UDL) support. Professional development and staff support for the adaptive technology will also be funded.

2022 Capital Bond

  • General Info: $425 million; bond payments will be structured to provide a level tax rate with a maximum term of 21 years.